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The Teaching Fellows Program at UNC Asheville

Explore Globally.  Impact Locally.

The North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program is a 4-year $26,000 scholarship for North Carolina high school seniors who plan a career in teaching. The scholarship covers most of the cost of tuition, fees, books and several summer enrichment programs. In exchange Teaching Fellows must teach for four years in the state's public schools.

The University of North Carolina at Asheville is known for its personal approach and unique opportunities. Fellows can experience a summer at Cambridge, special academic and social activities, and visits to schools in cities and rural areas across the country. Teaching Fellows earn a 4-year undergraduate degree in a subject area while earning teacher licensure. The liberal arts emphasis at UNC Asheville means we focus all of our resources on undergraduates.

Each January on the Winter Adventure Trip, UNC Asheville Teaching Fellows travel to cities such as New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, and San Francisco to visit schools and attend cultural events. By visiting these inner-city, rural, and suburban schools, our Teaching Fellows get an inside look at education today.

Early hands-on interaction in local schools has our Teaching Fellows participating in award-winning tutoring programs. This gives them an advantage from the start of their college careers. Programs include Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) tutoring and the Hillcrest Enrichment Center After-School Program.

UNC Asheville Teaching Fellows travel the globe. Our Fellows are encouraged to participate in Study Abroad and Study Away programs. In the last several years Fellows have studied in Australia, Iceland, Alaska and Hawaii. Most spend a summer at Cambridge University in England, an outstanding three week cultural and academic experience. A summer program in Ghana is being planned.

In addition to unique classroom and travel experiences, UNC Asheville offers Teaching Fellows a wide assortment of informative seminars and varied cultural, social and service opportunities. Fellows are expected to plan and attend social and networking events.

The most important aspect of our UNC Asheville Teaching Fellows Program is our Fellows themselves. From Freshmen to Seniors, our students help make the program a quality experience for all future educators with whom they come into contact.