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NC Teaching Fellows Program  

Navigating the Program

Application Process:

The North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program is open to North Carolina high school seniors and high qualifying juniors accepted for college admission who are interested in becoming teachers and are legal residents of North Carolina for tuition purposes and will have met the twelve-month in-state residency requirement.

Each application must include a high school transcipt, varification of SAT/ACT Plus Writing scores, three reference forms, and Applicant Composite Form. For more information visit the NC Teaching Fellows Program webpage located on our home page. 


Teaching Fellows are required to participate in a number of experiences designed to enhance their campus programs and give insights into the challenges facing them when they enter the classroom. These enrichment programs include: The Discovery Trip, Junior Enrichment, Junior Conference, Senior Orientation Week, and Senior Conference.

UNC Asheville Teaching Fellows are also required to participate in various service, cultural, and social events. Each semester, Fellows are expected to complete two hours of service by volunterring for any UNC Asheville Teaching Fellows Sponsored event. Freshmen Fellows tutor in After-school Programs that provide service for elementary-age Asheville City Schools students. Sophomore and Juniors tutor at Asheville Middle School and Asheville High School with the AVID Program. Throughout the year, Fellows also attend numerous seminars that include topics such as, "Understanding and Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities", "Best Practices for Teachers", "The First Years of Teaching - Applying Theory to Practice", and "Teaching in the 21st Century". Mini-Conferences are also held once each semester to provide time for socializing, education workshops, and a key-note speaker of choice.

UNC Asheville Teaching Fellows are given the opportunity to travel abroad in Cambridge, Enland or Ghana, West Africa during the summer following their sophomore year. Both options provide students with various edcuational opportunities that include gaining several credit hours towards their degree. Each winter Teaching Fellows travel to cities such as New York, Atlanta, New Orleans and San Francisco to visit schools and attend cultural events. On these trips Teaching Fellows visit inner-city, rural and suburban schools to receive an inside look at education today.

The NC Teaching Fellows Program requires that Fellows maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average on work attempted by the end of the first semester of the freshman year and a 2.25 by the end of the freshman year. By the end of the sophomore year, Teaching Fellows will be required to have a 2.50 cumulative grade point average on work attempted, and meet the requirements for admission to the teacher education program. As a Teaching Fellow at UNC Asheville, students major in a specific field and also obtain teacher licensure in that area. A list of possible majors can be located under "Teacher Licensure" on the Degrees webpage. Once Fellows decide on a major and licensure area, they find the appropriate Graduation Checksheet and begin planning their schedules according to requirements. As a guide, we provide a Four Year Plan for Fellows to use.

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